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Slot Gacor Hari Ini is the newest and hottest online poker room. They are open to US players and offer a huge 100% match up to $500 to new depositors. To find more information on this exciting new poker room please read our Cardspike Poker review. Card Spike Poker is giving away seats to the North American EPT championship main event this October. These seats have a $10,200 value and they will even credit your player account with an extra $1,800 for spending money.

The $500 Cardspike Poker bonus is not all new players will receive. You will be able to play in our new player freerolls that are being set up right now. The freerolls will run daily and offer a $500 prize pool. The bonus at  Card Spike Poker is quite easy to clear and is credited to your account in small amounts. The action at Card Spike is extremely loose and the software is excellent.

To receive the $500 bonus plus admission into the special freerolls you must use a special Cardspike Poker coupon code when you create a new account. They have not issued codes yet but if you click on the link above you will find the best bonus/coupon code possible at Cardspike when it is released.

Three Card Poker Games

You can play three card poker at all of the best online casinos. Three card poker games

are fun, fast moving and exciting games that don’t reach high stakes, which make them

favorite, also because the bets are against the dealer and this lowers the stress.

Internet gambling laws at stake

Tom Walker, WTHR

Washington – No one’s ready to say you can bet on it, but Congress may change its mind and make gambling over the internet legal again.

Online poker was dealt a losing hand last year when Congress effectively banned most types of internet gambling.

Poker lovers like Michael Bolcerek complained that was unfair.

“We think it’s certainly more closely aligned with a sport than gambling,” said Michael Bolcerek of the Poker Players Alliance.

Did Congress make a mistake? Indianapolis Democrat Julia Carson says yes.

“I’m going to vote to repeal it, because it doesn’t make any sense to me,” Carson said.

It still makes a lot of sense to those who argue the internet has made gambling too easy and put financial ruin only one mouse-click away.

A Baptist minister told lawmakers about the addiction to online poker that led his son to rob a bank.

“This time next year instead of watching my son receive his diploma from Lehigh University as president of his class, I’ll be waiting proudly outside the gates of prison to see my son released,” said gambling opponent Rev. Gregory Hogan.

While the current law prohibits online casinos, it still allows betting on horse races.

That discrepancy is what appeared to sway Carson. “What’s the difference between internet gambling and being able to gamble on the horses?” Carson asked. “I don’t think there is a difference, that’s why I’m confused.”

A year ago, the gambling ban passed easily when Republicans attached it to a homeland security bill.

Now that democrats are in charge, those who fought the ban then, are vowing to undo it.

The stakes in this battle are huge for entertainment companies who stand to make billions from online betting if it’s legalized.


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