Poker-Stars 25 Billion Bash

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PokerStars is having a 25 Billion Bash, and everyone is invited to join the celebration! Just over 18 months after their 10 Billionth Hand was dealt, they are now on the verge of dealing their landmark 25 Billionth Hand, and they’re not going to let such an occasion go unmarked. They’re going to be celebrating in the only way they know how – by having a bash, full of promotions that will give away some huge prizes!
25% Reload Bonus
Pokerstars is offering its biggest ever reload right now. Reload you account, and get a 20x in VPPs 25% reload bonus, up to a $1000 max. This means the following: if you reload your account with the maximum amount, which is $1000, you will get a 25% bonus of that sum (whic equates $250) added to your account. To release the bonus, you have to play an equivalent of 20x the bonus amount (in this case 5,000) in VPPS.
Oh, and HURRY UP! This bonus is only valid until February 18th. To take full advantage of this promotion, you may need to email to have them increase your depositing limits from the default $600; and please be aware that some payment methods have controls that PokerStars cannot influence (e.g. eChecks).
Milestone Hands
The action begins before the 25 billionth hand is dealt, because PokerStars will be giving away cash prizes throughout the event to players involved in each one millionth hand dealt in cash games. Milestone Hands will run from the 24.85 billionth hand to the 25 billionth. To keep track of how many hands have been dealt so far, keep an eye on the ‘Game#’ in the top left corner of the table view.
Milestone Hands will be announced on the table with a pop-up message, before play is paused to ramp up the excitement. A host will then arrive at the table to explain exactly what’s happening. Players involved in every millionth hand dealt during the 25 Billion Bash will win the following:
Limit Winner The Rest
Micro $300 $125
Low $750 $250
Medium $1,250 $500
High $2,500 $1,00
There will also be a VIP multiplier, with bonuses for the following VIP tiers:
VIP Tier Multiplier
SilverStar 15% Bonus
GoldStar 30% Bonus
PlatinumStar 60% Bonus
Supernova 120% Bonus
Supernova Elite 200% Bonus
For example, if you are dealt into a Milestone Hand on a Medium stakes table and win the hand, you’d receive $1,250. If you are also a PlatinumStar VIP, you’d receive an additional $750 (60% Bonus).
Mega Milestone
Even the biggest live card room in the world, dealing cards 24/7, would take over 300 years to reach 25 billion hands! History will be made the moment PokerStars deals its 25 billionth hand, and PokerStars has got the prize to match the occasion.
The winner of the Mega Milestone Hand will receive the following:
$100,000 in cash
European Poker Tour Monte Carlo Grand Final package
PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package
World Series of Poker* package
World Championship of Online Poker Main Event ticket
This is by far the best prize we’ve ever given away for a Milestone Hand, and is worth $150,000. If you are playing at the table but do not win the hand, don’t worry, the rest of the table will share $100,000 in cash and prizes. Please note there is no VIP multiplier on the 25 billionth hand.
The Major Majors
$2,500,000 Sunday Million
The world’s biggest weekly online poker tournament gets even bigger during the 25 Billion Bash, as the guaranteed prize pool is increased to $2,500,000.
Sunday, February 15 at 16:30 ET
$2,500,000 guaranteed prize pool
$215 buy-in
Satellites, including VIP satellites will run all week
Registration is now open!
To find the tournament, go to the PokerStars lobby and select ‘Tourney’ and then ‘Regular’ or ‘Special’. You can also use the Tourney Filter in the lobby to search for the tournament.
$1,250,000 Sunday Warm-Up
The Sunday Warm-Up will also get a bumper prize pool for the 25 Billion Bash, with a guarantee of $1,250,000.
Sunday, February 15 at 12:45 ET
$1,250,000 guaranteed prize pool
$215 buy-in
Satellites, including VIP satellites will run all week
Registration is now open!
To find the tournament, open the PokerStars lobby and select ‘Tourney’, and ‘Regular’ or ‘Special’. The Tourney Filter can also help you locate the tournament.
First Depositor FreerollsEach and every new real money player will be given the chance to play and win big in a series of freerolls during the 25 Billion Bash. To enter, just make your first real-money deposit and enter the code ‘fdf2500’ into the bonus code field at the Cashier. You’ll then be able to play in as many of the daily freerolls as you wish.
$2,500 freerolls will run every day during the week February 15-22, 2009
Freerolls will take place at 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 ET
$2,500 prize pool for each freeroll, with a 20% payout structure
The buy-in is FREE – just make your first real-money deposit using the code ‘fdf2500’ and you are eligible to play in all the freerolls
First depositors will receive a 100% bonus up to $50
To find the freerolls, go to the PokerStars lobby and select ‘Tourney’ and ‘Freeroll’. You can also search for the tournaments using the Tourney Filter.
Guys, you should not miss this great opportunity. Sign up and get dealt in today!


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