wm Event 15, Stoner out 68th for $8k

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Coolered again!! So rigged. With 75k and the blinds at 3k/6k, he jammed AKs from the cutoff and obv the BB has Aces. Nasty. Out in 68th for a very nice $8,251 pay day. 68th out of 2,628 in a wm tourney is definitely quite and accomplishment. Great job Stoner!!
Great first level for the champ. He doubled against a big stack with AK vs Jacks. The board was pretty sick: A Q 10 J 4. A bit later he lost a 25k flip with QJs vs 88. He made it to the break with 82k having the rest of the table covered.
Blinds are going up to 2k-4k, so there should be plenty of action after break. Looks like there is about 120 left with the average stack at about 65k.
They arent allowing text messaging at the table, so the only updates will probably be on the breaks.
Sprtstoner is in the money in WSOP Event 15, $1,500 NL. He is at 39,900 with at 1k-2k and a 300 antes. So he has a stack to do some damage. He is guaranteed a cash of $4k so far. First is over $600k, so this could be a very exciting couple days. Play starts at 2pm Veags time. I will be updating Stoner’s blog and here with whatever new I get.
I have been running pretty badly lately. My big pairs have been losing to Ace-rags like mad. Flips just have not been going my way. My sets lose to whatever draw is out there. Blah, blah, blah. Downswings suck. We have all been there. I have been playing some smaller buy-in MTTs this week just looking to get my head straight and get some positive results. I played the $5 rebuy (which is a great MTT), $18k Guarantee and the $10 one rebuy on Stars last night.
I was top 10 in chips in the $5r for a while, but I lost 1/4 of my stack with AJ vs a shorty’s Kings. Then had my stack destroyed with AK vs AJ, with the auto Jack on the flop. I jammed KTo just inside the money and ran into ATo, gg me.
The $18k I built up a nice stack and was amongst the chip leaders for a while. I had a huge three way all-in pot right before the break that should given me the chip lead. I was a big favorite with Kings against Queens and Sixes. Auto Queen flops and I am a shorty. Then I busted early in the second hour. Small sample of what I have been going through the last 2-3 weeks.
In the $10 one rebuy\one add-on I was pretty much expecting the same until the second hour. I won a big flip with AK when the board double paired over my opponents monster pocket two’s. Then my Big Slick outflopped Kings. Then I outraced AJo when the guy called off ~30 bb’s preflop. I took a pretty big early chip lead and pretty much never looked back.
I forgot how weak-tight the lower buy-in MTTs get late. It was fun pounding on the tables with the big stack. An occasional suck out helped to. I got one when I busted two shorties when I flopped a set to crack their Aces and Big Slick. I was either the chip leader or very close for pretty much the whole tournament. Most of it I had a 30k+ chip lead.
I made it to the Final Table second in chips behind 1BigAceHole. He has some very solid MTT results, so I figured he was the one I would most have to worry about.


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