What’s New in Gaming Law – 30 August 2011

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A bill was recently passed in Nevada requiring the Nevada Gaming Commission to have rules and regulations in place by January 2012 for online gambling. As such, regulators from Nevada have recently drafted some new rules pertaining to online poker. This makes them closer to being ready for legalization and regulation if that should happen in the near future.
It has been determined that Nevada will treat legal poker sites the same way as brick-and-mortar casinos when it comes to monitoring their operations. This will ensure that people playing online will enjoy the same level of care and scrutiny as those playing in casinos. Even online sites partnered with casinos will be required to undergo the same processes.
Legal poker sites will be taxed in the same way as brick-and-mortar casinos in Nevada.
Sites will also have strict rules requiring them to keep exact hand histories of every hand played on file for a minimum of five years. crypto gambling These hand histories must include all players involved, all wagering that took place, and more.
These are rules for poker only, a game in which people play against others like themselves rather than against the house.
Internet Poker Trial in Washinton D.C.
If you live in Washington D.C., you will legally be allowed to play online poker in select areas starting September 1st.
A trial run for Internet poker was proposed by the city budget back in April of this year. The popular opinion was that Congress would block the proposal, but they didn’t. As such, the trial has been scheduled to start this Thursday in select locations.
The games will only be permitted in 20 to 30 locations within the city’s borders. These locations mostly consist of hotels and bars.
The regulated poker sites will keep half of the rake collected at the tables, and the city will keep the other half. Anyone that wins over $600 will be required to pay local taxes to the city.
The word is that if everything goes well with the trial, this regulated service could be available to all members of the D.C. population by the end of 2011.
New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak has reintroduced a new version of his popular bill which would legalize online casinos and poker clients in the Garden State.
Lesniak’s original proposal was vetoed a few months ago by state governor Chris Christie, who stated that he would be open to a resubmission of an in internet gaming law. The problem with the first attempt, the governor stated, was in the structure and wording.

“In my view,” Christie said following the veto, “the creation of a legal fiction deeming all wagers to have ‘originated’ in Atlantic City cannot overcome the clear and unambiguous language of the State Constitution… The expansion of gambling in New Jersey has been slow and cautious.”
Now, things are looking a bit different for his state. The horse racing industry, which has proved to be a major source of tax revenue in the past, has fallen on hard times in recent months. New Jersey’s largest horse breeding farm has closed, signifying a major shift in the state’s economic picture.
“I hope [Governor Christie] cares enough about Atlantic City,” said Lesniak, “about hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, about hundreds of thousands of jobs. We can be the Mecca, if you will; the Silicon Valley for Internet gaming when it spreads, as it will, across the nation and internationally.”
With all of the optimism surrounding New Jersey’s initial foray into online gaming legislation, the momentum behind their second push should be monumental.


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