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Not the Ace to 5 kinda thing, but more the 9 to 5 cycle. At least, in the sense that it’s a grind. This is the world of poker blogs. There’s always a 50/50 split in the blogsphere, the good and bad, the hot and cold, ying and yang. I’m no Eastern Spiritual, but if there’s true balance in the universe, someone out there is on the happy side of variance.
I was playing an MTT on Paradise (yes, they still have a site) when sbobet popped up on the sissy-girl chatterbox device. It’s a good place for ol’ Otis, but I feel uncomfortable there.
Anyhow, I casually mention to Dr. Hairline my desire to play cards. He says, as a temporary bachelor, he’d love to host a game. This was 7:09 PM.
I got on the horn, digitally of course, with BadBlood, The Mark, Chep Shep, and The Tank. We had cards in the air by 8:00.
I should know better than to play that way of course. I’ll summarize it thusly,
BB: You ever get so excited to play, that you totally forget how?
G-ROB : Did you see the way I just played?
BB: Yeah, that’s what I was getting at.
That night, I got CRUSHED. I lost buyin after buyin. The first two weren’t because the other players sucked out, or because I played the odds and missed. I lost that money because I played like total crap. I knew better, but managed to go on a tilt of now legendary proportions.
NET LOSS: $270.00 (Fake)
This is the regular game. The local no-limit game. It’s played for FAKE CHIPS of course. Once again the usual suspects, and a few extra degenerate (this word is nearing its limit by the way) friends started dealing at 8:00.
This time I brought my chops. In the first 90 minutes I was up 2 buyins. This was the pivotal hand…
PLAYERS : G-Rob, Otis, The Mark
I’m in the big blind for a whopping .50, and The Mark is in middle position.
Mark raises it up to $4.00 and Otis calls.
I found 7,7 and decided to take a ride.
Queen, 7, 5!! Payday.
I check the flop and so does Mark, and then Otis gets kinda silly. He bets $15.
I tried to be extra quick into the pot with a min raise to $30. Earlier in the night I pushed BadBlood off a hand with a similar re-raise and then showed my weaker hand. I hoped that the quick move into the pot, a sure sign of a weak hand, combined with that memory would help.
Sure enough, Mark comes over the top all-in, another $29, for a total bet of $59. Otis then went into the tank for a solid 4 days, at one point SCREAMING, I’m not worried about YOU at all (pointing to me), I’m just worried about Mark.
I taunted Otis for a solid 3.5 days, and that cost me money. He folds.
The Mark shows 10,10 and does not improve.
And then I went to work and did the 11PM News.
When I returned to the game, at about midnight I resumed some decent play, winning another 3 buyins before 2AM. That’s when Mrs. Blood called, looking for the Mr. and the game suddenly dissolved.
She’s a very understanding woman.
Otis, BadBlood and I went to the Mark for a $40 tourney with a dealers choice cash game afterwards.
Badblood aready wrote up the better hands there.. check out his site
I still suck at poker. Thought you’d like to know.
I have a lot on my mind poker-wise…I’ll have it here in a day or two. But that’s what I’ve been up to in G-Vegas…the best FAKE MONEY poker around.


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