Perfection is the only option at Translation Company UK

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There are thousands of officially registered translation companies in the UK and countless more in Europe and beyond.

This website simply explains why you did well to come to us first.

The Total Translations Company Ltd. offers probably the most complete range of language services available anywhere in the world. We’ve earned a reputation over the years for providing expert translations on time at exceptionally competitive prices.

Our specialist knowledge of a broad range of subject matter means we’ve been Bubble Translationsed to translate just about every kind of document imaginable in most languages.

So, regardless of whether you’re an experienced translation buyer or not, if you’re looking for a translation company that can help you plan and complete your translation project successfully, then we’re definitely talking the same language.

“If your company does business abroad, talking to your customers in their own language will have a direct and positive impact on your sales volumes and level of customer satisfaction. Our company is simply here to help you communicate in foreign languages as effectively as you communicate in your own.”

Desk Top Publishing and Typesetting
At Total Translations we have set up an in-house Desk Top Publishing and Typesetting facility with the capability to DTP and typeset into any language, style or format required.
We did this purely in response to our clients’ needs for the documents we translate for them to be either printed through us, or supplied to their chosen printers by us in a print-ready format.

The advantage for our clients of using our DTP/Typesetting service is having the complete production process – from initial translation through to finished printed document – done under one roof, under the supervision of a single project manager.

Our translation and DTP teams Translation Company UK work closely to ensure translated material is laid out accurately and checked as thoroughly as possible, with either electronic (PDF) or hard-copy proofs given to our clients for their final approval before any document is sent for printing.

We use a range of Mac and PC-compatible DTP software including PageMaker, QuarkXpress FrameMaker and Interleaf to format multilingual copy as well as PowerPoint, Word and more.
We can also work with other file formats such as html, xml and resource files, if needs be.

We can even handle non-Latin scripts such as Japanese, Chinese and Russian as well, delivering the files in print-ready format to our clients or their printers, regardless of whether they themselves have access to specialised fonts or not.


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