Half Japanese Discography

Below is the Half Japanese discography. This contains the names of their albums, the years they were released and the label they were on as well as track listings to most of their albums.

Half Japanese — Half Alive
1977, 50 Skidillion Watts

Half Japanese — Calling All Girls 7″
1977, 50 Skidillion Watts

Half Japanese — Mono/No No 7″
1978, 50 Skidillion Watts

Half Japanese — Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts
1980, Armageddon; 1993, TEC Tones

Half Japanese — Loud
1981, Armageddon

My Concentration, Oh No
2 Hearts = 1
If My Father Answers, Don’t Say Nothing
Scientific Devices
Dumb Animals
I Know How It Feels…Bad
New Brides Of Frankenstein
Forget You
Loud/Louder/ Loudest
No Danger
Love Lasts Forever (Sometimes)
Only Dancing
Bad To Your Best Friend
Baby Wants Music
High School Tonight

Half Japanese — Spy/I know how it Feels…Bad/My Knowledge Was Wrong 7″
1981, Armageddon

Half Japanese — Horrible
1982, Press; re-release 1996

Half Japanese — 50 Skidillion Watts Live
1984, Calypso Now

Half Japanese — Our Solar System
1985, Iridescence; 2000, Drag City

Dance When I Say Dance
Girl Athletes
Because I Love You
Danger Danger Rachel Lang
Classical Music
You’re Gonna Miss Me
Little Girls Have To Be Home Early
Too Much Adrenalin
Fire To Burn
Electricity Respect
Knocked Down On The Dancefloor
European Son
There’s A Girl
Hall Of The Mountain King/Louie Louie
Young Hearts Break
Did You Miss Me

Session musicians: David Fair; Jad Fair; John Dreyfuss; Mark Jickling; Don Fleming; Rich Labrie; Ricky Dreyfuss; Margie Moremen; John Barnett; Danny Finney; Lana Zabko; Paul Watson; Rebby Sharp; Elaine Barnes; Andy Jickling; Jay Spiegel 

Half Japanese — Sing No Evil
1985, Iridescence; 2000, Drag City

Firecracker Firecracker
On The One Hand
Too Bad About Elizabeth
Dearest Darling
Sing No Evil
Double Trouble
Rub Every Muscle
Nicole Told Me
Tell Me I’m Wrong
I Have A Secret
House Of Voodoo
Ball And Chain

Half Japanese — Music To Strip By
1987, 50 Skidillion Watts; re-release 1993, Fire/Paperhouse Records

Stripping for Cash
Thick and Thin
Big Mistake
Hot Dog and Hot Damn
Price Was Right
Blue Monday
U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums
Sex at Your Parents’ House
Last Straw
Gator Bait
Ouija Board Summons Satan
You Must Obey Me
Salt and Pepper
Ancient Life
Silver and Katherine
Money to Burn
Hidden Charms
My Sordid Past

Session musicians: Jad Fair – Vocal, Guitar; Mark Jickling – Guitar, Vocal, Steve Johnson – Guitar; Rob Kennedy – Bass; Scott Jarvis – Drums; Terry Adams – Piano, Accordian; Gary Windo – Sax; David Licht – Congas; Kramer – Organ, Bass, Vocals, Tapes, Guitar, Banjo, Produced tracks on original version. 
First edition was on colored vinyl

The re-release features these bonus tracks 
Silver and Katherine
Dusk to Dawn
Everybody Knows
Go Go Go Go Go
Every Hour
Mongolian Stretcher
Salt and Pepper
T For Texas
Shiek of Araby

Half Japanese — U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums 7″
1988, 50 Skidillion Watts

Stripping For Cash
U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums
Patti Smith
Patti Hearst

Half Japanese — Charmed Life
1988, 50 Skidillion Watts

Said And Done
Penny In the Fountain
Roman Candles
Love At First Sight
Snake Line
Bright Lights, Big City
Face Rake
Later In a Magazine
Red Dress
Charmed Life
Day and Night
1,000,000,000,000 Kisses
I’ll Change My Style
Trouble In the Water
Miracles Happen Every Day
Poetic License
Real Cool Time
The CD has ten additional tracks: 
Charmed Life
Day and Night
1,000,000 Kisses
Madonna Nude
I’ll Change My Style
George Steele
How Many More Years?
King Kong Bundy
Something New in the Ring

Session musicians: Jad Fair – Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals; John Dreyfuss – Organ, Saxophone; David Fair – Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals; Don Fleming – Guitar, Vocals; Jay Spiegel – Drums; Mark Jickling- Bass, Guitar 

Half Japanese — Real Cool Time/What Can I Do/Monopoly EP
1989, Overzealous Editions

Half Japanese — the Band That Would Be King
1989, 50 Skidillion Watts; re-release 1995

Open Your Eyes/Close Your Eyes
Daytona Beach
Lucky Star
Some Things Last a Long Time
My Most Embarassing Moment
Buried Treasure
Open Book
Little Records
Deadly Alien Spawn
Postcards From Far Away
Ventriloquism Made Easy
Something in the Wind
Bingo’s Not His Name-O
Put Some Sugar On It
What More Can I Do?
Brand New Moon
Another World
Every Word Is True
I Live For Love
Ride Ride Ride
Sugar Cane
I Wish I May
Ashes On the Ground
Curse Of the Doll People
Frankenstein Meets Billy the Kid
My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It
Africans Built the Pyramids
The re-release has these bonus tracks:
Better Than Before
Back Home
Mule Skinner Blues
Jump Up
Postcard From Far Away
Big Wheels
Jump Down
Man Without A Head

Session musicians: Jad Fair – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica; Don Fleming – Guitar, Vocal; Mr. J. Rice – Guitar; Kramer – Organ, Bass; Scott Jarvis – Drums; Rob Kennedy – Bass; Fred Frith – Guitar; George Cartwright – Sax; John Zorn – Sax 

Half Japanese — We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love
1990, TEC Tones; Re-release 1995, TEC Tones

Every Hour
Elevator Boy
Our Eyes
Up and Down
All of Me
Hand Without a Body
Going Home
Three Rings
How Did You Know?
Then We Walk
House I Live In
Shanty Town
Everything Is Right

Session musicians: Mark Jickling, Jad Fair, Rick Dreyfuss, Simon Timony, David Fair, John Sluggett, Hank Beckmeyer, Joe Martinelli, Pippin Barnett, Rebby Sharp, David Stansky, Howard Weulfing, Paul Watson, Gilles Reider, Tom T., Jason Willett. Mick Hobbs, Jana Flynn 

Half Japanese — T For Texas/Go Go Go Go 7″
1990, X.X.O.O. Fun Club

Half Japanese — Everybody Knows, Twang 1 EP
1991, Seminal Twang

Half Japanese — 4 Four Kids EP
1991, Ralph

Half Japanese — Eye of the Hurricane/Said and Done/U.S. Teens are Spoiled Bums/Daytona Beach EP
1991, Paperhouse

Half Japanese — Fire In the Sky
1993, Safe House

UFO Expert
Tears Stupid Tears
This Could Be the Night
Possum Head
Turn Your Life Around
I Love a Mystery
12 Houses
Hangar 18
Magic Kingdom
It’s No Wonder
Fire in the Sky
Good Luck
Gates of Glory
Everyone Knows
I Heard Her Call My Name
Eye of the Hurricane
It’s a Clear Night (Unlisted Track)

Session musiciansJad Fair – Vocal, Magaphone, Guitar; Don Fleming – Guitar, Vocal, Organ; Hank Beckmeyer – Guitar, Bass; John Sluggett – Drums, Guitars, Piano; Moe Tucker – Drums, Guitar, Producer; David Doris – Sax 

Half Japanese — Postcard EP
1993, Earl

Half Japanese — Best Of Half Japanese
1993, Timebomb (Japan)

Half Japanese — Boo: Live in Europe 1992
1994, TEC Tones

Open Your Eyes
Big Mistake
One Million Kisses
Fire to Burn
Mule in the Corn
If He Says He Did
King Kong
I’ll Change My Style
Cherry Pie
Sex at Your Parent’s House
Said and Done
Charmed Life
Around and Around
Rocking Chair
Turn Your Life Around
Silver and Katherine
Frankenstein Must Die!
By and By
Fire in the Sky

Session musicians: Jad Fair – Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals; Hank Beckmeyer – Bass, Producer; Mick Hobbs – Bass; John Sluggett – Guitar; Tim Foljahn – Guitar; Gilles V. Rieder- Drums

Half Japanese — Hot
1995, Safe House

Drum Straight
True Believers
Dark Night
Part of My Plan
Lucky Ones
Vast Continent
Guess Again
Black Fruit
Sleep Talk
Lucky Town

Session musicians: Jad Fair – Vocals, Megaphone; Gilles Rieder – Drums; John Sluggett – Guitar; Jason Willett – Bass Guitar; Mick Hobbs – Guitar, Bass 

Half Japanese — Greatest Hits
1995, 50 Skidillion Watts

Daytona Beach
Said and Done
Dance When I Say Dance
Postcard from Far Away
Worst I’d Ever Do
Open/Close Your Eyes
This Could Be the Night
Put Some Sugar on It
Calling All Girls
La Bamba
Love at First Sight
Rub Every Muscle
Silver and Katherine
My Sordid Past
Ride, Ride, Ride
Day and Night
Last Straw
Miracles Happen Every Day
U.S. Teens
School of Love
T for Texas
Red Dress
Charmed Life
Rosemary’s Baby
I Know How It Feels … Bad
Roman Candles
Dream Date
Movin on Up
No More Beatlemania
How Did You Know?
Penny In the Fountain
King Kong
B./C. Millionaires
Amazing Clock
Thick and Thin
1,000.000 Kisses
Big Mistake
Little Records
No Direct Line
House I Live In
UFO Expert
Identical Twins
Double Trouble
Stripping for Cash
On the One Hand
Snake Line
Too Much Adrenalin
Trouble in the Water
Ball and Chain
Her Parents Came Home
Deadly Alien Spawn
Ancient Life
Poetic License
Uncertain Feelings
Something New…
Fire to Burn
Salt and Pepper
Guitar Solo
Little Bit More
Better Than Before
Everything Is Right

Half Japanese — Best Of Half Japanese Vol. 2
1995, Timebomb (Japan)

Half Japanese — Bone Head
1997, Alternative Tentacles

Monkey Hand
Night Like This
Zombie Eye
Song of Joy
Do It
He Walks Among Us
Diamonds And…
Kiss Me Like a Frog
Intergalactic Aliens
C’mon Baby
Somehow I Knew
Now I Know
Brand New Sky
Should I?
Song of Joy
Futuristic Lovers
Movin’ on Up

Session musicians: Jad Fair – Voice, Megaphone; John Sluggett – Guitar, Piano; Gilles-V. Rieder – Drums, Percussion, Kalimba, Keyboards, Whistle; Tim Foljahn – Guitar; Steve Petter – Guitar 

Half Japanese — Heaven Sent
1997, Emperor Jones/Trance Syndicate, Kitty Kitty Switzerland (ltd. release)

Good & True & Fine
A Fine Line
Outer Space
Well Worth While
Better Than No
Goldfish & the Trout
This is our Night
The Day We Met

Half Japanese — Hello
2001, Alternative Tentacles

All the Angels Said Go To Her
The Legend Of Hillbilly John
No Doubt
10:00 AM
Jump Into the Mess
Red Sun
Whatever the Outcome
Best of the Best
Summer Nights
Our Turn
the Good Side
Super-size It
Producer: Gilles-V. Rieder

Session musicians: Jad Fair – vocals; John Sluggett – guitar, keyboards, percussion; Gilles-V. Rieder – drums, percussion, guitar and bass; Jason Willett – bass, baritone guitar, keyboards; Dallas Good – guitar; Rob Erickson – guitar, backing vocals