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Texas Holdem.ca strikes me as a well put together, uncluttered Slot Malaysia promotional portal. The proprietor asked me to look over the site to see if I mind linking to it, rather than a threatening email telling me if I don’t link up the site immediately, I will have some unknown link farm link hidden 30 pages deep on the site removed forthwith. Some webmasters have no idea what Link Request Etiquette is all about.
Me and Texas Holdem Poker >> I am not so clued up on Texas Holdem really. I purposely have stayed ignorant of the finer points of the “texas holdem poker” version.
I know by watching the game on the television and thereby gleaning a basic understanding of the texas holdem poker rules that I would probably see my children all too rarely, if I started getting involved in playing the umpteenth amount of Texas Holdem Tournaments and Freerolls available online these days.
Golden Palace Casino Buying Babies Names For Advertising Purposes Is Sick
Golden Palace Baby AdvertisingThe Golden Palace.com Online Casino Advertising Using Newly Born Babies Via Their Christian Names IS Sick
Many thanks go to the 100% Gambling editor who is the source that alerted me to this sick advertising technique – Direct Link GOLDEN PALACE – the shame and the stupidity
♠ So, we have Golden Palace.com buying newborn babies names to advertise gambling, as proudly highlighted on the GoldenPalace.com Stupid and Disgustingly Sick Advertising Events Website here on the Internet Casino Names Newborn “GoldenPalace.com” Webpage
♠ No surprise to me. Some Golden Palace Casino Background –
♠ Golden Palace Casino was borne from it’s brainchild – Jack Stroll aka Jack Strulovitch
There’s Jack Stroll, for instance. A marketing whiz from Montreal, Stroll founded Golden Palace, considered the second-largest Web casino, in Antigua in 1997. In the mid-1990s, Stroll (a.k.a. Jack Strulovitch) ran a boiler room that promised respondents fabulous prizes that turned out to be near-worthless junk, Canadian authorities say. He pleaded guilty in 1999 to “deceptive telemarketing,” and he and his firm paid a then-record $300,000 fine.
♠ Golden Palace.com also alledgedly robbed casino gamblers of an estimated $400k a while back and reckon they paid the money to charity – in so doing GP invented the word “bonus abuse” ~ simply because casino gamblers won money via the greedy Golden Palace.com ill thought out bonus offers. No one really broke any written rules, the gamblers just won fair and square, but Golden Palace Casino did not care about that.
♠ Furthermore, GoldenPalace.com proudly displays the emblem, therefore holds firm an endorsement from the Interactive Gaming Council who have to date, not released any word, comment or igc press releases condemning the advertising of an online casino via children. Sad, but true.
♠ Neither have I seen anything from the IGC regarding Golden Palace advertising techniques such as alledgedly paying streakers to interrupt high profile sporting events with Golden Palace.com stuck on the streakers bodies. Other stupid advertising Golden Palace get up to includes interupting an Olympic diving event – where the man in a tutu was later jailed for 5 months – interupting a Uefa Cup Final via a streaker, interupting a Golf Event and a plethyr of other disrespectful ridiculousness.
Gamblog Comment
Golden Palace Casino is a scourge upon the online gambling industry and should be put down. I invite Golden Palace to sue me. I invite the IGC to sue me too, or to do something about this firm. I will gladly stand up in court alone, won’t waste my money on a brief or a solicitor, because these firms are all shameful and no judge in his/her right mind will endorse advertising gambling via children or new born babies in any way shape or form.


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